Who we are 

If you know the pub, you’ll no doubt be aware of the state it was in .We figured that if the pub could survive under those conditions, if it was run properly if it was run properly and enough blood, sweat, tears (and money) was pumped into it there was a fighting chance that with enough support from our customers we would eventually create something to be proud of.

We thought a little bit of background might be interesting. We bought The Wharf Inn in November 2011

Where we cook

Our hall is dominated by the ‘Giant’s Chair
New kitchen providing good old traditional pub food served in a newly finished dining room
Our dining room has patio doors which open onto the decking
The lower level of the dining room is ideal for wheelchair


Give us a call 

You are welcome to phone us on 01905 620337 but please remember that, at busy times, we are not always able to answer your call